Navigating the New Normal:

Experience-Driven Workspaces

John Boccuzzi, Jr.

Blogger & TEDx Speaker
Partner, Chief Sales Officer, ISG Research

The landscape of workspaces has undergone a significant transformation in the wake of the pandemic. A diverse workforce, including those who embraced the flexibility of working from anywhere and those apprehensive about returning to the office, is navigating this change.

In response, many are tasked with creating adaptive plans to accommodate everyone's needs. The emerging consensus leans towards a holistic approach, blending advanced technology, innovative design, and enriched experiences to unite co-working, remote, and in-person workers.

Join John Boccuzzi as he shares his expertise and perspective on this new paradigm that aims for seamless integration, ensuring that technology is accessible and efficient for every worker, heralding an era where the quality of experience is at the forefront of the future workspace.

A recognized keynote speaker, blogger and TEDx speaker, John Boccuzzi is a passionate thought leader in customer experience and storytelling. In 2018, John’s TEDx talk “I Was Seduced by Exceptional Customer Service” was selected as the most popular CX video of the year by Omoto. John is the creator and co-host of the John & Ola Show, a LinkedIn Live broadcast. John is releasing a book in November 2023 called “The Art of Seducing Your Customers” How to Create Memorable Experiences That build Brand Loyalty.

Prior to joining ISG as Partner, Chief Sales Officer, John served as Vice President of Sales & Edible for Business for Edible Arrangements, LLC where he led a team of senior directors and directors and more than 100 total personnel across several key departments including: Business Gifting, Business Development & Brand Partnerships, Franchisee Support, Customer Care and Training & Development, supporting 1,217 franchised locations and millions of customers in North America. Previous leadership positions include co-founder of Rewardable, a crowd sourcing app, co-founder and investor of OT Solved, a solution for overtime management, SVP of National Retail Sales for Affinion Group and CEO of Kenosia Corporation, the leading provider of demand data analytics solutions for the consumer goods industry.