Media Credentialing Policy

NAMA believes that a close, vibrant, productive and mutually beneficial relationship between the media and NAMA — the leading association that advocates on behalf of the convenience services industry — is vital in producing that success.

NAMA welcomes members of the working editorial press to cover The NAMA Show and select industry events. NAMA, providing complimentary registration to qualified media, developed a policy to ensure that the value of media credentials is maintained for qualified journalists.


  • NAMA media registration is limited to working journalists with commercial news organizations. For The NAMA Show, sales representatives/public relations staff with exhibiting publications as well as sales/marketing representatives from non-exhibiting companies are welcome to register for the show through general registration.
  • NAMA reserves the right to refuse media credentials for publications that cannot be verified or that it deems not substantive in reach or content; all requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • NAMA reserves the right to revoke previously issued media credentials when appropriate.
  • The number of complimentary trade press registrations issued will be a function of the event size and content diversity.


  • Only reporters or editors of consumer, industry trade or business media publications are eligible to attend The NAMA Show on a complimentary basis. Publishers do not qualify unless they have regularly bylined articles.
  • Specialty publications that cover other industries and do not have a regular focus on convenience services are not eligible for complimentary media registration, nor are internal corporate newsletters.
  • For The NAMA Show, publishers, sales vice presidents, advertising and sales representatives and other non-editorial staff must register through general registration and are not eligible for media credentials.
  • Freelance writers and photographers covering NAMA events must present a letter of assignment from a publisher, editor or producer (on letterhead) of the media outlet to be considered for media credentials.


  • Only journalists with news web sites or blogs qualify for media badges. Sites that are primarily for business or sales purposes do not qualify.
  • Online journalists must have recent – within the previous six months — bylined articles on the site, as well as business cards verifying their positions/titles.
  • Non-editorial positions are not eligible for media credentials.


  • Reporters and camera crews from broadcast television or radio stations must present a letter of assignment (on letterhead) from an approved outlet to receive media credentials.
  • Reporters and camera crews for web-based programs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on written proposals of coverage that are submitted to NAMA.
  • All media requesting credentials may be asked to provide any or all of the following:
    • A business card with name, editorial title and media outlet’s logo;
    • A copy of the masthead, which clearly displays name and editorial title;
    • and/or a bylined industry-related article written and published within the last year


Please send an email outlining the specific story concept, as well as a link to the relevant outlet to the contact below. A reply will be issued in the order of the request received. Thank you.

[email protected]