Cynthia Jaekle

Cynthia has been a proud member of the Bigelow Away from Home team for over 37 years. Starting with Bigelow Tea in 1987 when the specialty tea category was just developing, Cynthia spearheaded customer awareness and created growth in the channel. Her passion and knowledge for tea and botanicals leaves no stone unturned.

She is Level III Certified by the Specialty Tea Institute of America and has traveled around the globe to sourcing destinations such as China learning about Green Tea, Oregon to experience the mint fields and even to México to explore chamomile fields.

She has been a 30-year long supporter of the Office Coffee Service channel.

Her favorite Bigelow blend is a tie between Bigelow Lemon Ginger and Steep Organic Chai. Bigelow’s Botanical Cold Water Infusion Blackberry Raspberry Hibiscus is a close third!

Cyntia hopes you enjoy the passion and excitement she will bring to CTW’s tea education, and she looks forward to a Teariffic experience!