Demystifying and Maximizing Bean to Cup ROI

Tuesday, November 7 • 9:00am – 9:50am

In the right accounts, bean to cup brewers have the highest potential to match client needs. However, if an operator does not understand how to tap into their advantages and explain them to clients, then this potential would remain only that — potential. Join this session to learn about investing in reliable equipment and delivering the best coffee experience to your consumers, while allowing for operational adaptability. From the modular nature of the equipment to the ever-changing interface and experience, attendees will see how providing coffee from whole bean allows them to control the taste and branding of their services while getting the most opportunity to control their costs and formulate a strategy to success. Also, learn how salespeople can discuss brewer technology as a selling point with new accounts.

  • Outline advantages of bean to cup with clients.
  • Understand bean to cup’s ROI.
  • Understand how ROI and a good client/consumer experience can be achieved through ingredient and product versatility.