The Value of Local Coffee Roaster Partnerships

Monday, November 6 • 1:00pm – 1:50pm

Partnering with local coffee roasters for workplace break rooms helps operators differentiate themselves in a competitive market by offering a unique and premium experience for employees. By sourcing freshly roasted, high-quality coffee beans, operators can provide a superior taste that’s both aromatic and full of flavor. This collaboration also supports local businesses and fosters a sense of community, strengthening the operator’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, locally roasted coffee demonstrates an investment in employee well-being, boosting morale, and enhancing overall workplace satisfaction.

  • Develop a plan for integrating locally sourced coffee into their OCS programs.
  • Vet which local roasters will be able to meet logistical, purchasing, and marketing needs.
  • Leverage locally sourced coffee into their sales and development playbooks.