The Java Journey


8:00am – 12:30pm

Additional Registration Required

$129 Members
$159 Non-Members

Join a tour showcasing the elements of a quality hot beverage and learn how you can elevate your customer’s experience.

After a networking breakfast of coffee and pastries, guests will first visit Citizens Energy Group — a drinking water treatment facility. Citizens Group will explain how raw ground water becomes municipal water and what municipal water brings to both coffee equipment and the consumer hot beverage experience. Water is, of course, the main ingredient of all OCS beverages, so learning what municipal water contains and how it is delivered to the client breakroom is critical knowledge for creating a quality office breakroom experience. Then, tour participants will be taken to one of two local coffee roasting companies and learn how the coffee bean roasting process creates the plethora of flavors consumers crave. Participants will also understand the different ways quality can be experienced in a cup of coffee through a cupping hosted by their choice roaster.

Tour guests who would most benefit include CTW attendees new to the industry and salespeople seeking to elevate their expertise of the OCS sales process.

Preparing a cup of coffee in the workplace should be a consistent experience of joy and rejuvenation. Improving your mastery of hot beverage elements will have a significant impact on company sales, client retention and the satisfaction of your consumers.

  • Learn how elements of a quality hot beverage are sourced and processed.
  • Improve the quality of your product and expand the lifecycle of your equipment.
  • Prove to consumers/clients that you know what distinguishes a quality ingredient, product, and experience.